économie et gestion

Business to Business Marketing
Ref: 9782804182670
Auteur(s): Philippe Malaval, Christophe Bénaroya
Date parution: 2013-08-27
Catégorie: économie et gestion

Reference Handbook in terms of interorganisational Marketing, written by experts from the field, Business to Business Marketing is adapting the Marketing fundamentals to the different BtoB contexts, for the three necessary steps: Surveys and Research Marketing, Strategic Marketing, and Operational Marketing, with the elaboration of the Offering, then the Communication policies. All main topics are analysed, from basics to Loyalty tools, including Customer Support and Customer Training programs, in the corporate field, as well the local authotities one. Some strength: Surveys (Competitive Watching, Business detection, segmentation) Strategy (positioning, marketing plan and strategical tools) The shaping of the Offering (produit/service innovation, pricing, sales efficiency), its valorisation and the choices for a better visibility (communication, prescription, lobbying, networking), including the most recent tools of E-Communication.


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